Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Chick Fil A It Needs To Be A

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Chick-fil-A. It needs to be at least 3000 words.

rate journey, the most notable was the credit for “introducing the original boneless breast of chicken sandwich and pioneering in-mall fast food” (CFA Properties, Inc.-website-b, 2010). According to 2009 figures, the company has 1428 restaurants across 38 states as well as Washington, D. C. In terms of annual sales the company ranks second in its category. In accordance with its mission statement which says that the company aims to “Be America’s Best Quick-Service Restaurant” (CFA Properties, Inc.-website-b, 2010), CFA has materialized various innovative business concepts in the forms of Mall/In-Line Restaurants, Stand-Alone Restaurants, Drive-Thru-Only Restaurants, Dwarf House®, Truett’s Grill®, Satellite/”Lunch-Counter”, and various licensed outlets. The company had achieved a 12.17% growth in 2008 and thereby earned sales revenue of $2.96 Billion (CFA Properties, Inc.-website-b, 2010). CFA also fulfills its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) in the form of various sponsorships, charities and scholarships.

The American restaurant industry is currently exhibiting trends of rapid growth. It has a strong employee base of 12.7 million and has operations in nearly 1 million locations. Both these figures are indicative of the gigantic stature of this industry as a significant contributor to the American economy. It has been projected that the combined sales of this huge industry will touch $580 billion in the current fiscal (National Restaurant Association-website-a, 2010). The American restaurant industry has a 49% share in the market pie of the food industry with average daily sales projected at $1.6 billion. Research findings show that restaurants are becoming highly popular among American customers on account of providing hygienic food as well as enhanced services in a time efficient manner (National Restaurant Association-website-b, 2010). American adults are of the opinion that restaurants have them become more productive and a