Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Comprehension Critique It Ne

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In their findings, they noted that all students in the first two cohorts who had graduated were absorbed in the teaching jobs. Furthermore, since the deployments of the two batches, the number of nurses had increased, owing to the fact that now the faculty could afford to enroll more students as a result of availability of teachers.

Thus, they concluded that the shortage in the number of nurse could be addressed by increasing the number of faculties since there was going to be a steady supply of lecturers. A lesson to the authorities in charge was to ensure there was to be an increase in the faculties of nursing if the shortage of nurses was to be solved.

Their research was reasonably reliable but is not the lasting solution. This is because the funded students in the accelerated doctorate program may decide to down their tools after three years of service. If this will be so, then what will be the fate of the students already admitted into the nursing faculties? I bet they will lack tutors to foresee their academic needs. Furthermore, what will happen if the fund were pulled out? I guess that the doctorate students will pull out. Thus, this solution only applies if the said factors will not happen.

Gerolamo, Angela, Roemer & Grace (2011), decided to establish if the key issues behind the shortages of nurse was connected to work load within the faculty. Using qualitative secondary literature review, they worked out on three main objectives namely: to establish the meaning of shortage in the faculty, evidence that shortage is affecting the work process, and analyze policies affecting the process of nurse activities. In their study, they compared the literature concerning work load and nursing and other faculties.

In their findings, they noted that all literature concerning nursing shortages pointed to work load as the main cause. Furthermore, they established that