Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Current Event Summary It Nee

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Current event summary. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The first step is to identify the key players and target the one who are most important and the one who are at the risk of leaving. They can be offered both financial as well as non financial incentives modified according to their requirements. According to the article, it is important to find out the hidden gems where the HR and the line managers would work together when the changes takes place. These will certainly help the companies to identify the talents that are hidden within the company.

It can be fundamentally disagreed with the article as when the changes takes place, retaining of not only the key performers is essential but also the normal performers or the average performers is very important as they may also play a crucial role in the long run of the organization’s fortune. Moreover throwing of financial incentives does seem to be the best way of retaining the employees. Though, utilization of this method can in turn de-motivate the other performers. It may at times turn out to be an improper utilization of financial resources of an organization. There are other ways through which the employees can be retained during such difficult times and it would also maintain aid in maintaining a balance between the key performers and the others.

The main reason behind choosing this article was that employee’s retention is a major problem that is faced by almost all the companies during the times of restructuring. The article helps to provide proper understanding of what can be done in order to maintain the talents in the organization. It also highlights the importance of the normal performers in supporting the changes. Such change often makes the employees nervous and frightened. Therefore it is utmost important to win the hearts and minds of the participants and also those who are associated with the change process. Although an employee’s