Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Describe The Architecture An

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Describe the architecture and building of El Escorial. It needs to be at least 750 words.

On its south were five cloisters which included the royal palace and other offices. The northern part comprised of the living quarters of the monks. The complex design was of two architects, Toledo and Herrera who was credited with the completion of the building after revising the plans laid by Toledo (Herrera et al. 1990).

The interior is composed of massive walls that were relieved by Doric pilasters without the concession to the decorative richness. This produced a serious monument beyond any Italian Renaissance ever imagined. On the exterior part, the monastery’s gigantic scale and the plain gray granite walls appears very unfriendly. This design was established by Herrera and named it the Herrera style and was to prevail in Spain for a period of fifty years. The granite complex also memorializes the first military victory and the defeat of the French on 10th august 1557. This particular day was also the San Lorenzo’s day and thus the name San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

On the other hand, the rectilinear complex which has several internal courtyards is exhibited on the grill where San Lorenzo was murdered. The building’s floor plan takes a kind of a gridiron. This design had a traditional belief that was based on the honor of St. Lawrence who was murdered by being roasted on a grill.

The origin of this layout is somehow controversial. The El Escorial is not by any chance made unique by the grill like shape. Several buildings have been found to take the same shape with numerous interior courtyards. This shape had fully emerged after Herrera had eliminated it from the original conception of the six interior towers. The Temple of Solomon design was the basis of the El Escorial. This was extensively modified for the purpose of accommodating the additional functions intended by Philip II. The building therefore, was intended to serve many purposes which also contributed to its design. It was