Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Evaluation Report It Needs T

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on EVALUATION REPORT. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

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I arranged all the props that were necessary for my film. In my opinion, the location was satisfactory for this project. The worst thing with my film was the casting. I believe it is not only my fault. At first, my group members and I agreed to find only two actors for each one’s films. However, I was told one week before the filming that we have to look for them individually. I started searching quickly to find actors. In casting call pro, I sent emails to some professional actors but they were all busy. I then sent an email to an actress in Starnow Co., U.K. but she was a singer. I asked her if she knows any actor. She said she knows someone but the actor was a puppeteer. They agreed to be in my film. They went to the location but they were two hours late. It was difficult working with them because they were not real professional actors. I had to let them act in my film because they were in Salisbury and it was not going to cost too much. I know that casting is really important but in this project I failed to find the perfect cast. I can however say that all my group members were very supportive while we were filming. Sound I was the sound designer for Nathan Webber’s film. I cannot say I did it correctly because Nathan’s script was not ready until the filming day. I was only able to read the script on the filming day itself. I have a Sony and Warner Bros. CD sound effects library. I shared the CDs with them. In my film, Lara Hewitt was my sound designer. She did quite well while I was editing. She mixed sounds separately and we incorporated them in my film. We tried to mix them correctly and I think it turned out well. I used the boom in Lara’s film. I tried to use it correctly as we have seen in the workshop before the filming week. Cinematography Cinematography is my main interest and I believe it will be my specialization in the future. I really enjoyed being a cinematographer in Leanne Lewis’s film. Before we filmed it, I watched the Kodak tutorial DVD series on cinematography. I also read the book of Vittorio Storaro to understand the lighting theory. I tried to apply what I have seen for Leanne’s film. In her script, there was a hospital scene. To create a curtain shadow effect, I used blinds. I know it was not perfect but it was acceptable under studio circumstances. There were only two camera setups in her film and there were no difficult shots. I tried to do framing as Leanne told me. In my film, Leanne was my D.O.P and I believe she did well. Nathan also helped her. For sure, there were some wrong lighting setups. Directing As a director, it was so difficult for me to work with the actors whom I mentioned above. Moreover, it was my first film. It is even more difficult to talk about the shots. I think that only some of them were correct. I had to cross the line in one shot while the actress was sitting because of the fire exit behind her. Due to the nasty background, I decided to change the shot. Even if I know that using zoom is not natural, I wanted to use the zoom shot to create some emotional effects. I would have preferred using the dolly rather than the zoom shots. Leanne was using the camera and I believe she did it naturally and so with her slow zoom shots. Scriptwriting I believe my idea was good enough for this project. However, because of the limited conditions of the location, I had to change the end of the story.