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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on International assignments, including expatriation, are an essential aspect of MNC operations. What are the main reasons MNCs send managers or other staff on international assignments What are the best criteria for evaluating the success of these assignm. It needs to be at least 3000 words.

During the periods of economic fall, international assignment adds worth to a business, as business operations are managed by skilled employees. Expatriation is a process wherein a person works outside their home country. This term is often used in the situation of skilled or professional workers sent to locations abroad by their companies. MNCs send their managers abroad for 2- 5 years to have a better opportunity and to increase the labour force and to mitigate staffing problems (Victoria University, 2014).

Staffing problems are the major problems in the international market. MNCs are identified to be following some staffing policies to improve growth of the same. These staffing policies are ethnocentric, polycentric, geocentric and regiocentric. As per the ethnocentric policy, MNCs hire experts of home countries with the aim of ensuring that foreign offices are aligned with the interest of home offices. In case of polycentric policy, host country residents are appointed. As per the geocentric staffing policy, MNCs assign only skilled professionals and with the regiocentric staffing policy, MNCs hire third country nationals. These staffing policies are essential for the MNCs for improving the organisational structure and increasing the economic growth of a company (Reiche & Harzing, 2009).

This paper intends to explain international assignment and expatriation along with their importance for the operations of the MNCs. In addition, the reasons for sending managers and other staff members of the MNCs on international assignments and the best criteria for assessing the success of international assignments are discussed in the paper.

An international assignment is a process consisting of pre-assignment stage and repatriation. International assignments also involve transfer of knowledge, recruitment process, competency and global career. In MNCs, international