Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Leadership Within Non Profit

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Leadership within Non-Profits (Identify a Non-Profit). It needs to be at least 500 words.

The volunteers govern the American Red Cross. It is located in Washington. Bonnie McElveen- Hunter is the board of governors’ chairperson Gail J. McGovern is the current American red cross president. Leadership in the American Red cross aims at attracting sufficient funds or capital and making sound strategies. Due to this, the organization has strong leaders that aim to these goals (Jones 35).

The leaders in the American Red Cross use transformational skills, which is about thinking and understanding the problem in an organization. It is also about thinking, understanding, and setting the goals for employees. The goals set are challenging but workers can achieve them through hard work. This is important because without the challenging goals, employees or workers would not be motivated to extend their full effort to work. This achievement of challenging goals helps the leader to develop his leadership qualities and makes him better equipped to achieve hard tasks. For instance, American Red Cross leadership has set out a fierce campaign to encourage people to donate blood and funds. This is done through the creation of awareness among the people both domestically and internationally. The American Red Cross process and distribute the collected blood.

Transformational leadership at American Red Cross facilitates and redefines people’s vision and mission (Robbins 77). It also renews people’s commitment and restructures their systems to accomplish a certain goal. Thus, a mutual relationship stimulates and elevates follower to become leaders. In addition, it may also convert leaders to become moral agents. Transformational leadership should therefore be grounded on moral foundation. For example, when disaster strikes the American Red Cross provides food, health, and shelter to ensure that victims have basic human needs and to enable the get back to the way things were (Jones 41-44).

Leadership at the American Red Cross aims at