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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Lesson Plan Analysis. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Instances of such instructional strategy could be further gleaned from the lesson plan because it contains actions where readings and discussions are to be made regarding feelings, which afterwards will have to be drawn by the students to make the connection with what they felt on four pieces of small paper plates.

On the other hand, the instructional strategy of prime background knowledge which is likewise gleaned on the current lesson plan on feelings is a method where new information or ability is associated with what the students already have learned or have experienced. A perfect example of this is when the students will be asked to name occasions on where they have portrayed and reacted to various feelings related to a particular type of situation – like when they met somebody new or when a favorite toy was broken. By asking students relevant questions regarding prior knowledge, they will be able to relate the current topic to past circumstances that are familiar to them (Effective Instructional Strategies 2004).

Last but not the least is the review for fluency and generalization instructional strategy. This technique is also present within the lesson plan since it provides students other chances to put in actual practice what they have learned. In so doing this the students are able to retain the knowledge after sometime and will be able to relate it in various circumstances (Effective Instructional Strategies 2004). To make this quite effective, the students must be required to have an intensive discussion of the subject matter, which is feelings, and should be guided appropriately on situations where such feelings apply (Effective Instructional Strategies 2004).

Content specific strategies in general are detailed plans or actions on how to go about a certain lesson to enhance the learning abilities of the students and instructional techniques of the teacher. Some content specific strategies are: cognitive strategies, affective