Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Long Sleep Time Will Let Peo

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Long Sleep Time will let people have good mood. It needs to be at least 2250 words.

Sleep does not only boost the immune system and reduce stress, but it is the key component of effectively eliminating bad moods. In this study, 10 participants from the lab were asked to participate in the study to show that long hours of sleep are the key to getting positive moods. The hypothesis of the present study was to show that sleeping for long hours is necessary if a person wants to eliminate bad moods. A correlation of independent variable and dependent variables of long hours of sleep and positive mood score recorded through this study indicated them as r= 0.625 and p= 0.017.

Most of us know that that extra hour of falling back has always helped the human body and it is not as disruptive as cutting that extra hour. Studies show that the human circadian rhythms or what most people know as the natural body clock tend to operate for longer hours when the amount of sleep increases. For example, in the article by Schwarz et al. (2013) it shows that sleep deprivation always affects the human moods negatively. Such moods results to impair facial expressions to a point that it does not respond effectively to emotional stimulus. In other studies such as the two articles by Takano, Sakamoto and Tanno (2014) and Minkel et al. (2012), they show that mental exhaustion and stress are some of the problems that people who sleep for few hours face. For this reason, it shows that the human body is more productive when more time is dedicated to sleeping. Centuries ago, people believed that sleep was a time when the brain was not in operation, but thanks to the modern advancing technology, people now know that even when a person is asleep, there is always a hive of activities in the human brain. This is why a person’s mood is always affected because sleep deprivation interferes with these activities.

How? One may ask. Traditional theories on sleep show that sleep was necessary to aid the body in