Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Management Organisation It N

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Management & Organisation. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

eatures and functions which are in line with the market consideration, clients responses, technological developments, innovation, supply chain procedural methods functioning and many more factors of relevant importance that are vital to be taken into account in order to derive maximum out of a business enterprise on international level.

M& S services and activities are driven by organized philosophy which has enabled effective growth and development in the market in comparison to the rivals. The philosophy of mark and Spencer is based on the basic idea of “ production and manufacturing of products of top most quality with due consideration of the costs but at the same time ensuring that the costs do not come down to a very low level which would ultimately compromise the quality. The bottom line of philosophy is that of quality retention which in other words is the clients’ satisfaction.

Mark & Spencer has a rich history of productive market performance, however it has had share of low phases as well. One major turn of similar events was seen around the end of last century when during 1999 when the company performance graph in terms of the sales made went extremely low, and considerable stock market shares were lost to other rivals as well which resulted in loss of trust of the customers and overall net loss to the company both in terms of financial means and clients trust. The stocks dip by a good over 30 percent was a deep blow to the company (Bevan 2007). This came along in contrast to the outstanding figures and outputs achieved by the company in yester years when the company had over 18 percent of the clients captured in terms of the garments market, 30 percent of the undergarments of women were covered through Marks and Spencer(Alon 2000).

Human resource management and domain is of high importance to any organization and its performance, M&S is no exception and there is always margin for improvement, enhancing the overall HR services and customers’