Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Matrix Review It Needs To Be

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Matrix review. It needs to be at least 500 words.

In regard to Richard Paul article, critical thinkers remain as those who can see past what is before them and inquire more to get the reality. He insists on the value of critical thinking to evade delusions and find the reality of things commonly perceived real. The three emphasize on the existence of illusions plus reality and how the society should perceive them in deeper thought.

2) How does the film “Inception” reflect how powerful people gain access to our unconscious mind? Stated differently, what does the film attempt to tell us about how media influence our deepest sense of unconscious desires and world/political view?

In Inception, Dominic Cobb, the dream architects specialized in stealing or implanting information in people’s dreams when they were vulnerable most. In likening to that movie, the media also gains entry to people’s mind unconsciously and influence their desires or political view through constant advertisements or positive recommendations of certain candidates. An excellent example entails the media constantly advertising a certain product. People unconsciously become influenced into liking or purchasing that product.

In the movie, The Matrix, the actor, Neo becomes pulled from a given kind of cave and comes to view the real world from another perspective. In likening the matrix to Plato’s allegory about the cave as Neo come to realize that the world he knew before was an illusion just like the prisoner who climbed out of the cave, and realized a real world existed (Plato, 2010). Neo in discovering that his old world was an illusion becomes likened to the shadows that existed in the cave and the other prisoners though were real. Plato insists that people often perceive illusions which they commonly think it’s real. Plato continues by saying that reality can only be perceived by individuals who free themselves and accept it (Plato, 2010). In the addition,