Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Meditation In Taoism It Need

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Meditation in Taoism. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Taoist meditation gives the mind an opportunity to focus wholly. This form of meditation is evident in the Buddhist religion2. Meditation is a religious aspect that seeks to define life and its forms and to connect with nature. It helps an individual realize meaning of life and peace. Since Taoist meditation is a humble form of meditation, people practicing it experience a new form of transformation that generates energy enough to do anything the individual intends. Evidently, a Taoist meditation serves to connect body, spirit, and mind.

Taoist meditation is a common aspect among the different groups of Taos. For some, it is purely way to attain the transformation to immortality. The Taoist meditation has health benefits because it concentrates on establishing a healthy status of the mind and body. Taos believe that meditation can lengthen life and real Taos believe in n eternity3. Meditation makes the human spirit sensitive to spiritual matters. It leads to a new form of discovery that identifies with nature.

From the Taoist view, they seek to establish knowledge of nature and reality and associate with the changing forms of nature. The ultimate goal of a Taoist is to observe nature and its complexity and patterns and then apply these patterns to drive life. Taoists believe that humans are part of the vast universe. The Taoist keeps making efforts to discover the true pure mind. The Taoist meditation is an inner exercise4. The meditation takes fifteen minutes or more. It requires a cool and still internal environment. The individual must create a balance in the body posture, regulate and slow down breathing and then concentrate on the inner self.

The Taoists consider the body, breathe, and spirit as the three treasures. A comfortable body posture ensures that the body weight is under a good balance and the spine remains straight. An individual must give attention to sensations resulting from the physical senses. In some cases, Taoists involve