Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On North African Emigrants To E

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on North African emigrants to Europe. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Even those who have settled in cities retain a village mentality and are seen as backward by the business and cultural elites in their home countries” (Europe, 2009). There are many intercultural dynamics.

North Africans living in Belgium and France are living in a society that is multicultural on one hand, and oppressive towards them on the other. These European countries are no longer colonial occupiers of North African countries: they are destinations for immigration. However, in terms of giving it is also important to think about cultural communication in the light of multicultural society. In France, for example, Islamic culture is directed towards a situation, where people lose their uniqueness and individuality to compromise to a standard which means the loss of diversity reflections in mainstream assimilation culture. This idea of Europe as an immigration destination through metaphor has become challenged recently, and multiculturalism holds that assimilation into the mainstream culture is one thing, but keeping one’s own culture (and, in the case of Islam, for example, religion) extant is another that needs significant attention, and may not fit in with the French or Belgian immigration theory as it exists in general discourse. There should be no room in the delivery system for thinking that suggests that ability can be determined along racial lines. Establishing close ties to the local community is an effective way of eliminating this sort of out-group thinking that can lead to stereotyping and discrimination at the policy and funding levels. By establishing these links and nurturing them, France and Belgium can align the helping environment with the needs of the local community, rather than isolating it in terms of policy that does not reflect the wants and needs of the surrounding macrocosm of society.

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