Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Our Man In Havana By Graham

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene: An In-Depth Character Analysis of Jim Wormold. It needs to be at least 750 words.

He is of British origin and is a resident of Havana, where he has been for fifteen years now. He is a businessperson who is popular in the city of Havana. He has a daughter and currently is divorced by his wife, so he takes sole responsibility for the daughter. In Wormold, there are aspects that relate to the situation at the time that the events in the novel take place. It is around the 1960’s and the economic situation in Cuba is not any good. His business is going down and his daughter is quite a spendthrift who does not want to know the tough economic terms (Greene 16). The economic situation and the poor income from the vacuum-cleaner sales job forces him to become a secret spy. He opts to make good income so that at least he can make his daughter happy. He is a man out to make ends meet and please her demanding daughter as he meets her needs.

Jim takes up the job as a spy in Cuba. He is the symbol of the British presence in the country. He is green in this job and hence, is unaware of what spying involves. He uses his wits and seeks the help of friends in succeeding in his new role as the chief spy agent. He himself even declares that he is not fit for the job and thus, does not need it, but again to ensure the presence of the British in Cuba he has to take up the job. Hawthorne tells him, “… we must have our man in Havana you know” (Greene 26). This cements on the fact that Jim is indeed the face of the British spy team in Cuba. He shows how the British were insecure about world issues such as fuel for submarines and the issue of dictatorship in the world. He is one of the many spies that the British plant across the world to ensure that they collect the information on what other countries are up to and how this might affect them as a nation.

Jim Wormold accepts the job not because he qualifies as an agent, but because he has to keep up with his financial needs. This is synonymous with a lot that goes on in the society