Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Philosophy Of Teaching Paper

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Philosophy of teaching paper. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Thus, firstly I found necessary to provide students with the most basic knowledge, which later they may need to explore a professional field by themselves. I make students learn and understand a wide range of notions, theories and strategies which are commonly considered as classical and also are most commonly implied in professional practice. Despite that it’s a very traditional methodic of teaching, I’m not trying to impose a traditional way of thinking during my lectures. Oppositely, I constantly reveal the strong and the weak sides of every classical concept I’m talking about, and in this way with my own example, I impose the tradition of a critical thinking among student. I encourage questions during lectures and group discussions during seminars, appreciating a new development above a traditional point of view.

What defines this new development is a unique impact each student can make on a professional field. Every human being has a unique circle of interests, unique experience and unique environment which make him/ her think the way he/ she thinks. Thus secondly, despite a common lecture material and group dissuasions I provide during my lessons, I encourage students on individual exploration of every topic. There is never a strict limitation on homework assignments and/ or topic limitations on individual projects, and I appreciate the most creative and unexpected cross-topics and/ or cross-field connections students are able to make within the assignment. The only criteria I expect is a practical involving, because “scientific breakthroughs also come from trying to solve a practical problem” (Shuell). Thus, I encourage students to make connections between a topic and their day-to-day life experiences and “take advantages of all resources available in the environment” (Shuell).

Yet the more individual and more surprising a point of view is,