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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Primary sources. It needs to be at least 500 words.

1). This defines the purpose of the research as determination of the impacts of the three behavioral activities on the students’ level of stress (Denise, 2009).

The research used 22 students, from two schools in Seton Hall University, who volunteered to participate. The participants were subjected to a survey in which every individual participated in the three behavioral activities. The activities were conducted at regular intervals on a weekly basis for a period of three weeks. The methods also applied randomization in its treatment processes. Different tools such as “daily stress inventory,” “systolic blood pressure,” “diastolic blood pressure,” and “heart rate” were used as stress indicators (Denise, 2009, p. 1). The researchers however failed to report on their data collection tool.

The research process involved scheduled visits by the participants to the screening centre where measures were taken to evaluate inclusion criterion for participation. Students who passed the inclusion criterion then filled in baseline scales before they were grouped for treatment. Measurements were then taken on stress level followed by treatment and a final measurement, 10 minutes after treatment. Results were then separately analyzed for each participant. The process was then repeated at same time and day of the week for three weeks with data collection and analysis being conducted on the same day. Participants were subjected to all treatments (Denise, 2009).

The baseline test before the treatments indicates a normal average value. The article also reports on the reviewed demographic factors about the participants regarding activities and medications in which they were involved. Such factors are represented in percentages with higher percentages reported in prescription medicine at 36 percent, physical exercise reported among 77 percent of the participants while drinking was reported among 54 percent of the participants. Results over the measured