Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Qualitative Research Article

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Qualitative Research Article Critique for Research in the Health Professions. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

This article covers challenges that first year occupational therapy students faced while carrying out qualitative research. The title of this article is “Doing, being and becoming a first year therapy student.” This title covers basically what the article is all about. However, it does not give a hint about challenges, yet the article is all about challenges of doing, being and becoming a first year therapy student. Hence, one cannot know at a glance that it covers challenges. This means that to some extent, the title is not satisfactory.

The abstract is clear. it gives a summary of the article and summarizes the study, giving conclusions and creating curiosity to make the reader go on. However, it does not give any summary of methods that the research applied. Additionally, it does not touch on anything related to limitations of the study. Basically, the abstract does not have enough information, and its reader does not get all the points from it. Upon reading the body, the reader gets new information lacking in the abstract. An abstract of occupational therapy research paper should clearly indicate a summary of the methods and limitations.

The introduction starts by giving a brief background on previous activities that led to a shift towards occupational therapy research. It also gives the reader the basis of the study and reasons for it. Besides, the introduction outlines settings of the study. contextual setting and situational setting. This means that the introduction is perfectly clear. Further, it gives a clear thesis and methodology that the research uses.

The article clarifies this section with explanation of what this research is all about. It shows all literature giving the central aim of the study. This section gives a research questions and hypotheses of the study. It gives the theory that the study uses and the literature in the theory.

To further make the research clear to the reader, the paper gives