Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Racial Stereotypes And Thera

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Racial Stereotypes and Therapy. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

This is based on various psychological outcomes from the tests that were administrated to the trial participants. Earlier counseling assumptions that such individual may not be well adjusted are challenged (Shih & Sanchez, 2005, pp. 570-571)

The authors of this study point a negative impact of racial stereotypes in a therapeutic environment rests in the very identity process that an ethnic minority goes through. This conflict is “between their own self-definition and the definition imposed on them from the outside world” (Shih & Sanchez, 2005, p. 572). This provides a challenge for the therapist because they must work hard to counter these negative thoughts entering from the outside and balance them with creating a positive self-identity moving forward in the client-therapist relationship. This study is well suited for this task.

Mental health counselors must be equipped to provide therapy for the culturally diverse. The author’s of this particular study begin by examining the psychological components of individuals who are culturally diverse, multiracial, or in the minority. One particularly interesting area of this study focuses on the identity development of the culturally diverse individual. In order to provide sound therapeutic principles to this population, mental health professionals must be able to fully understand the impact of societal stereotypes and the challenges that these individuals face on a regular basis. They must, for example, accept the challenge that there is no one racial identity model that applies to every individual. Each cultural group will react differently to such stereotyping and, as such, there is a great variance among multiracial individuals in terms of how they actually define their racial identity (Shih & Sanchez, 2005, p. 575).