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Consequently, culture has emerged as important issue in international business and contemporary business dynamics as the workforce increasingly comprise of people coming from diverse background of culture, race and nationality. Thus, understanding of cross-cultural values becomes hugely critical elements of contemporary businesses.

The article ‘Making it Overseas’ shows why the expatriate managers tend to fail in their overseas. The authors believe that lack of cultural understanding adversely impacts expatriate managers’ performance as they tend to apply traditional way of working which may not conform to the value system of the host nations. They need to be prepared to adapt and incorporate cultural values of other nations when working overseas for gaining the trust of the people and translating the needs of local populace into strong business goals. The authors emphasize that expatriate managers need to be better aware of intellectual capital and build it through understanding of cross-cultural understanding. Moreover, they must make efforts to build socio-psychological capital by being flexible in their approach and thinking so that they can connect emotionally with their partners and colleagues from diverse