Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Reflection Papers Are A Venu

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Reflection papers are a venue in which you can offer personal reflections to something we experience, something we see, or something we read. When you reflect on something, you are offering your opinion, your insight, and your thoughtful commentary on the. It needs to be at least 500 words.

I can cite the example of the difference between elastic and inelastic demand and how does it affect us. I thougth it was a difficult concept and seem not to understand it when I study alone. But through the funny examples of my friends, I got the idea of what it is all about and it was not really that hard like it sounded to be. If I will just study it on my own, I think I will just spend the whole evening wondering what it is really all about. The explanation in the book does not help because it is full of jargon. My friends can explain it better.

I recall my friend’s explanation about supply and demand and how it affects prices. It was not difficult after all. In the book, the explanation used complex words that are difficult to understand that makes our head ache. Our words may be simple and sometimes funny, but we could relate to it. Also, when we are with friends, we are not embarrassed to ask questions about things that we do not understand. I have to admit that sometimes I am embarrassed to ask questions to the teacher during class because the teacher may be irritated or annoyed with simple questions. With friends, I can ask a lot of questions without appearing to be stupid.

There are also other aspects of group study that I like such as debate among group members which helps clarify some complex concepts. It is also animated and takes away the bore of studying. Debates crystallize ideas especially when they are challenged by an opposing idea. Through debate, I understood what fiscal policies are, what monetary tools are which I would never understand studying by myself because the explanation in our text books are full of jargon. It really helps when the explanation is replaced by explanation we can relate.

Studying in groups with friends allow learning to become easier because we could share our knowledge with each other