Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Review Ii It Needs To Be At

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Review II. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The second topic is the negative impacts that result from implementation and expansion of Medicaid. The third issues covered in the article high are requirements that are needed for individuals to qualify for the insurance.

People with a low income can access federal tax credits thereby subsidizing private health insurance. However, those living below the poverty line will not benefit from the health insurance, Medicaid or other tax credits. The instances of unfairness resulting from the policy have been experienced in a number of states. For instance, The Kansas Medicaid program offers no coverage for adults without children (Robert). The intended audiences for this article are the general public, administration, public and private health care providers as well as all stakeholders in health care. The author has involved the audience in a though provoking way.

There could be bias in the article as the author is a Republican and this article may be interpreted as a criticism of the Democrat administration. Although the public might blame President Obama for the current woes in health care, the Republicans are the ones responsible for fighting against the expansion of Medicaid (Health Policy Briefs). In the health care law approved in 2010, Congressional Democrats were determined to expand Medicaid in all states. The administration has been urging people who are in need of health insurance to register on the government website to receive information of the available insurance options.

The student should be evaluate the current care policies and establish whether they are effective and fair to all members of society (Virginia Gray, David and Jennifer 135). This article is important since it has the relevant information concerning the roles of various government agencies in health care. It provides explanation on the negative impacts of states’ refusal to develop Medicaid. The article spells out the states that are likely to be marginalized by this policy.