Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Rooms Division It Needs To B

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Rooms Division. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

This research focuses on room division operations with reference to Nadler Soho, which is a strategically located hotel off Oxford Street. The Tottenham Court Tube Station is situated 400 meters from the hotel while the British Museum is less than 1 kilometre away. In the neighbourhood are several bars and restaurants. The Nadler Soho offers state of the art accommodation facilities comprising well-designed rooms installed with Wi-Fi for guests, global digital newspapers and an LED television set. The rooms comprise modern shower rooms and a hair drier to ensure maximal convenience. Guests are also provided with a small food cupboard and a laptop computer safe.

There are a set of legislation in the UK that directly influence the room operations for hotels in the UK. The law of civil rights requires that disabled people be treated equally as other guests. Access to rooms must be provided equally and ramps must be built for use by people with disabilities. Toilets should also be disability friendly among other aspects of the room division. The equality act is against discrimination of any kind including disability, gender, marital status, race, religion and sexual orientation among other social aspects that are predisposed to discrimination (Clark & Chen, 2007).

The fire safety regulations of 1988 require room division to guarantee safety for guests and employees. Fire exits must be clearly marked and adequate information provided to the guest in case of a fire outbreak. All such exists are required to open outwards to maximize efficiency of exit in case of fire. Fire fighting equipment need to be installed and marked clearly. Fire retardant furniture and fittings are a statutory requirement. Fire drills are required regularly to assess the effectiveness of response to fire accidents. Guests should not be exposed to health hazards such as electrocution, falling debris and falls among other health hazards. Gas Safety