Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Social Power And Pottsboro H

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Social Power and Pottsboro High School. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

French and Raven’s idea of social influence and power is that “social influence and power is limited to influence on the person, P, produced by a social agent, O, where O can be either another person, a role, a norm, a group of a part of a group. We do not consider social influence exerted on a group.” This means that all groups are interdependent, which means the group depends on its members in order to function. This implies that a change in one may produce a change in others. To put it into more academic perspective, Social Power is the amount of powers that O is capable of because of some more or less enduring relation to P. This defines the range of power as the set of all systems within which a person has power of strength greater than zero. The example that French and Raven gave us was, “A husband may have a broad range of power over his wife, but a narrow range of power over his employer.