Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Strategic Planning And Chang

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on STRATEGIC PLANNING AND CHANGE. It needs to be at least 750 words.

consider conscious involvement of all employees and key stakeholders as well as the application of the right tools so as to realize positive responses. The management need to ask themselves a number of questions based on how they can make the change process motivating to employee, how they can achieve clear understanding of the process among the employees and how to extend the knowledge to the staff.

In order to successfully realize the benefits expected from the change process, managers must embrace the four engagement tools or benchmarks namely learning, involvement, rewards and communication. Effective communication of the tenets of the change initiative offers guidelines and direction to the employees so that they are well informed of their roles in the process. When change is properly communicated, the employees will feel some sense of ownership and control during the process (Freytag and Hollensen, 2001). The inclusion of the learning process through proper training enables employees to gain confidence and realize how real and serious are the changes.

The creation of a learning environment is of great importance to the change process owing to the fact that changes within organizations need new skills and attitudes towards their implementation. Training help in minimizing the anxieties associated with the change process as well as granting the employees sufficient time to adjust and progress to the point where threats linked to the change process are no longer felt. According to Fairbairn the learning theory proposes that employees are motivated to respond by physiological demands that are based on the competency, self-sufficiency and understanding. Competence occurs when people develop a feeling that they are very important in the realization of the components of a given change process (Dube, et. al, 2005).

Full involvement of employees in the work process is another are that managers must focus on for in-depth realization of the change process