Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On The Human Face Of Medical Mi

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Human face of medical mistakes. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Before this study, I had very limited information about medical errors that existed before. Though I always felt that doctors might be engaged in situations where they execute treatments and diagnosis improperly, I didn’t realize that it could be so serious that so many people die owing to medical errors. The IOM statistical analysis reveals that almost over 100,000 patients die annually owing to medical errors. It means that many deaths which are preventable occur owing to inaccuracy in the treatment and diagnosis process (Gibson and Singh, 2003).

According to Part 1 of Gibson and Singh, there are various cases of patients who suffered from the fate of medical error. A medical error case is reported about a patient who was misdiagnosed by his doctor and improper treatment led to loss of life. Justin, who was nineteen years old, was taken to an emergency room where his physician misdiagnosed him with an extensive infection as pinched nerve. The physician sent him home as his blood pressure was reading low and he had very rapid pulse. His mother claimed that the doctors didn’t think outside the box since they would not have misdiagnosed the boy (Gibson and Singh, 2003).

After reading the case about misdiagnosis on Justin, I felt that he was left to die owing to inaccuracy in diagnosis. Misdiagnosis may seem like injustice to someone since one is prescribed the wrong drugs that do not help to solve the problem he suffers from. The error that occurred in the case is that there was inaccuracy in diagnosis and thus the treatment on the patient was wrong. The patient was released to go home when the reading of blood pressure was low and he had a rapid pulse. Owing to wrong treatment, the patient died. The safety initiatives that could have prevented the situation is that physician should have undertaken a serious study of the patient