Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Topic Of Your Choice Relatin

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Topic of your choice relating to Rock and Roll Music History. It needs to be at least 2250 words.

It is in 1920s, this combination music acquired a new name of “Rock and Roll’. Since its launch it was a hit among American public. The rock music was the first music item which created a storm among the young population of America and it definitely had black roots.(Thesis)

As history could trace, the rock and roll music originated in 1950s and used blend of music’s and instrument with vocals. In the beginning, the music used piano and saxophone but later started experimenting guitar and other novel instruments. Rock and roll took birth from “rhythm and blues’ which is known as “R&B” and had a good market in the music industry. It was lively music which evoked spiritual rejuvenation and energy among its followers. As rock and roll was gaining name the music technology was also evolving slowly. At that time phonograph records were difficult to use due to its weight and structure. However it was the invention of stereo which made rock and roll a masterpiece music variety, which won many hearts.

“Rock and Roll” as a name does not have any implication it was a name allotted by someone who has no historical records. It is a blend of many music types and has roots to the African population who sang music while they were working in the farms of American land. It had spiritual essence and the African slaves in American land fooled their landlords into believing that they enjoyed work and listened music as a part of sharing their satisfaction with work. According to (Cox)” Often very overlooked, African-Americans contributed greatly to the advent and success of rock and roll music”.

The music itself and many of its artists were influenced by the black blue singers and they were people like Howlin Wolf,Junior parker and Muddy walters.Surprisingly, the first rock and roll song was an influence of a song by a black blue artists called Joe Turner and the song was “Shake, rattle and roll”. It is the first rock and roll song and satisfied