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To become what it is currently, family therapy underwent a lot of evolutions and changes. Many psychologists presented and tested their theories and approaches in solving family problems. Communication and information exchange are the basic sustaining elements of families. Psychologists and therapists also rely on communication as basic way of interacting with patients to ensure effective treatment (Nichols, 2013). When attending to patients, psychologists have a wide choice of theories that include Systems, Attachment and Social Construction Theories among others.

As a professional and experienced counselor, one has to establish an open communication platform with the client. A counselor should not continue with counseling work until patients are willing to talk and participate in the therapy session. In addition, a professional counselor has to begin therapy by engaging with the patient alone, and then integrate the process to include other family members. Furthermore, a professional counselor has to analyze and consider many theories and be flexible as to the application in the given situation (Nichols, 2013).

One of insights generated by the readings is that family therapy is a new concept that developed during 1950s. Another insight is that communication is important and basic in family therapy. Without effective communication, a therapist may not understand proper techniques or approaches to employ in treating a given situation (Nichols, 2013).

Through class discussion, one is able to realize that family therapy is a new concept that is still developing. A student undertaking psychological studies has unlimited chances to enjoin in research and expansion of the concept of family therapy. Class discussion on the development of family therapy provides a view that there are no specific strategies and techniques in treating a troubled