Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On What Is Happiness To You It

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on What is happiness to you. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

onio Rangel in 2008, money increases happiness as the people with a higher expense and expenditure lived a more happy life as compared to those who wanted to save cost. The group taking expensive wine was happier compared to the group taking less expensive wine. This means that happiness is all about money and if one spends more on someone they care for, they will be happy. Most people treasure good and expensive things that can only be bought with money in the materialistic world we live in today. There are some many destitute families in the world mostly in the developing countries, through charity these families can be helped using money thus making them happy. Happiness is based on what one acquires and achieves, hence money is happiness as it enables people acquire what they want.

In addition, happiness can be hinged on having good relationship with members of the family and the community as well. Family is a main contributing factor for one to be happy, as through the it, one is able to get solace in times of grief. Family provides some form of emotional support to each other thus contributing towards one’s happiness. Through family come together, there is a lot of sharing among family members which leads to happiness. Through sharing about past experiences, members of the family are able to reminisce about good memories they shared at earlier stages of life. This feeling provides happiness as they tend to reflect how their past had been hence forgetting current bad happenings hence emotional satisfaction and happiness (Lulu, 116).

Conventional implicit policy to my assumption has a strong relationship between happiness and family through equation with social well-being. The importance of additional family policy has an indication well-being emotionally in a state of happiness in connection to families at the level of psychology hence provide a better comprehensive understanding of a person’s well happiness and well-being. Family relations to me seem to