Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Who Stands To Gain Benefit T

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Who stands to gain/benefit the most as this energy related drama plays out over the next several centuries, and was the manner in which it was achieved ethical. It needs to be at least 500 words.

ain conversation lies on the fear that the world oil may have reached peak oil, a situation that politicians interpret to mean that we have already reached half of the world’s oil reserve. Many oil geologists predict a slow decline in oil availability, which in turn will cause a major world economic crisis. This is according to Schwartz (1987) who cited that this is because many industries and many forms of transport rely heavily on oil. The numerous articles journalists have published about the end of oil as a source of energy point to a world oil crisis hence the numerous talks. Generally, the world will deplete all fossil energy, including natural gas and coal, in the near future.

The suggestion that wind and solar power be looked to as a source of energy seems logical on the onset. However, despite these two being sustainable they are marred with severe doubts. for instance, they are inconvenient. According to Tester (2005), not only do they produce very little energy that can match up to the world’s energy needs, they are also unreliable and the machines they use in wind plants still need oil to move. Policy-makers have poured plenty of resources into generating cheap energy from these sources but the outcome has been dismal.

Besides its depletion, use fossil fuels also raises environmental concerns. Oil spills and global warming are just some of the issues that have environmentalists advocating for renewable clean energy. In view of all these problems, it is imminent solar and wind will be turned to as a source to provide the world’s energy. The UNEP report on Global trends in sustainable energy investment (2009) shows that governments and large companies continue to pump billions in resources in companies selling “green energy” with the belief that the future of energy lies in these companies.

Another issue that arises when discussing matters energy is that of monopolies. Energy production is an expensive endeavor and thus those capable of