Hello I Am Needing Assistance With This Question Trigonometry Is Difficult For M


I am needing assistance with this question. Trigonometry is difficult for me to follow but I really

am trying to learn this. Could you help me with the calculations, screen shots of graphs, labeling of the axes and scales. Below, directions say I need an explanation of 1-6. Please help! and thank you very much.

The directions clearly say create 2 transformed trigonometric graphs. I need good, clear examples so that I can see how this is done so I can do my own correctly. I think I need a bit of “hand holding” here because I feel a bit uneasy on my own. This is all I have been provided or I would have given you more. I apologize, this is all I have. I feel a bit fearful and uneasy with this assignment because I am so unsure and that’s why I reached out for experts to help.