Hello I Need Assistance Answering These Questions About Tiffany Co


I need assistance answering these questions about Tiffany & Co. I’ll attach screenshots of the book pages, but could need external references as well. No word count but would like at least 300 in APA. Thanks!


How rapidly and where should Tiffany add stores? Is Tiffany an enduring luxury brand of unprecedented quality, or has the lower-priced Tiffany trinkets and online diamond retailers tarnished the Tiffany brand? Can the Tiffany brand continue to fulfill the promise of the Blue Box, or is the Tiffany Blue Box just an overpriced, blue box?

(David 454)

David, Fred R. Strategic Management: A Competitive Advantage Approach, Concepts and Cases, 16th Edition. Pearson, 20160108. VitalBook file.

Running head: TIFFANY COMPANY 1 Tiffany CompanyStudent’s NameInstitution TIFFANY COMPANY 2 The Increase of StoresTiffany is continually taking a shot at ensuring the expansion technique. The…