Hello Thank You 1 The Middle Of A Presentation Like The Middle Of A Written Docu

Hello.. I need help with these multiple choices about business communication . Thank you

1-The middle of a presentation, like the middle of a written document, is a position of emphasis.



2-The best group presentations result when each member speaks only a minute or two before a new voice comes in.



3-What happens during the body of an interview? 

The interviewer will try to set you at ease.

You will have to highlight your qualifications and find out more about the job.

The interviewer will tell you about the possible course of action.

The interviewer opens with easy questions about your major or interests.

You will have to provide a finishing assertive statement.

4-How should one represent his or her strengths in an interview?

Strengths need to be represented as facts, without the backing of specific examples.

Introducing examples for each strength is time consuming and must be avoided.

Strengths can be presented at the end of an interview for lack of an earlier opportunity.

Achievements are derivatives of character traits and not personal strengths.

A weakness that can be corrected should be put forth as a potential strength.

5-For designing effective presentation slides:

avoid bullet-point phrases.

make no more than one point on each slide to enhance readability.

consistently use a small font in all the slides, usually 20-point, in order to increase white space.

use a lot of clip art, animation, and graphics irrespective of the nature of the presentation.

choose a consistent template, or background design, for the entire presentation.

6-Which of the following is true of active listeners?

They attempt to solve or dismiss problems immediately.

They are most likely to engage in hasty generalization.

They are able to eliminate conflict completely in a group setting.

They cannot listen actively all the time.

They cannot reduce conflicts that arise out of miscommunication.

7-According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which need is the most basic?

safety and security

love and belonging



None of the above

8-Which of the following is true of good leaders?

Good leaders spend more time in listening to others and getting to know their problems.

Good leaders believe that only certain people in the organization are worth listening to.

Good leaders show minimal involvement with the workforce.

All of the above.

None of the above.