How Do Men In This Culture Lead Differently From Women Envision A Great Male Leader 2273342

Describe your leadership style. What techniques do you use that help you to lead men most effectively? What techniques do you use that you find men are most receptive to? (willing to accept, listen to, respect and obey)
2-Do you “lead” differently when you interact with men in positions above you and below you? If yes, describe the difference in the relationship? How do you behave/interact with men who are in positions above you? How do you behave/interact with men who are in positions below you?
3-What style do you use to get male followers to do what you want? What style do you use to influence and motivate your followers that you find most effective?
4-What techniques in your experience DO NOT work for female leaders? Are there particular styles or behaviors or traits that you have seen “backfire”? What are they? What are prototypical “mistakes” women make in leadership in this context?
5-When you compare yourself to a male leader in a parallel (equal) position, what do you do differently? Do you adapt your leadership style as a consequence of your gender? If so, how?
6-Would you describe your leadership style as more authoritative (giving commands)? Or participative (including followers in decision-making process)?
7-Would you describe your leadership style as focused more on getting things done (task oriented) or on preserving harmony and cohesion (people oriented)? (which one task or people/relationships is the main focus of your energy)?
Questions about a female leader role model:
1-Who is a female leader that you admire? What about her leadership style inspires you? What character traits make her effective and appealing?
2-What about her leadership style makes her an effective leader?
Questions about female leadership in general:
1-In American culture researchers say that there is a “female leadership advantage” in that female leaders are more likely to use a transformational leadership approach.
Do you believe there is a female leadership advantage in this part of the world? Do you believe that female leaders have an “advantage” in this part of the world?
Comparing to other leadership styles:
1-How do men in this culture lead differently from women? Envision a great male leader. What does he do differently from the model female leader you envisioned?
2-Think about your time in the US. How do female leaders in this context lead differently from female leaders in the US or UK?