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HRM assignment correction pattern: 1.Introduction: What is HRM What is SHRM Models of HRM & personal management 2.Theoretical critical analysis & structure or discussion: Strategies role of HRM Best fit and best practise debate Best environment ( 2/3 industrial organization examples) 3.Compensation strategies and reward management system: What is it Why is important & necessary How is the company develop with that show their percentages% and use graph or statistical data (Give explain 2/3 industrial company basis) 4.Performance management: What is it Why its important and necessary (Give example 2/3 how the company developed with percentage% graph (like evidence) and emphasis. 5.Recruitment: What is it? Why is it important & necessary? How the company developed and improvement.(Give example 2/3 companies with evidence) 6.Conclusion (All assignment part going to be 2/3 organization analysis, arguing, comparison with evidence will be the same company emphasis.) Document Preview:

Order NoEHUK5919Word2000Deadline2015-10-27Allocation Date2015-10-22 13:55:20Order TypeAssignmentAcademic LevelMasterSubjectHRMOrder DeliveryTopic what is the strategic role of HRM, in driving organizational performance? consider recruiting, performance appraisal and compensation strategies as part of your answer. use relevant industry-based examples to support your answer. Admin Remark Please follow the guidelines strictly Do make sure all the points have addressed and cross checked No basic errors such as – grammar, spelling , sentence formation and wrong references will be accepted Downloads HYPERLINK “” Main File     Additional Requirement analysis arguing compare