I Have An Assignment Spanish And English Together Is Attached On File I Need This To 770493

i have an assignment Spanish and english together is attached on filei need this tomorrow Thursday at least Document Preview:

SEQ CHAPTER h r 1SPAN 1203Assignment # 1 (20%) DEALINE: March 27/2015 @11:59PM. Objective: To give students the opportunity to learn about the Hispanic World in terms of the geographical and cultural aspects and all the richness that we can find in its natural and human resources. To help students to be aware of the fact that in this continent (America) that we share, there are millions of people, although with a different language, traditions, customs, etc. we have a variety of aspects in common and so much to learn from. It is important to keep in mind that our relationship with Spain, the Latin American and the Spanish Caribbean Countries, does not stop at an economic level, but includes also a great deal of cultural aspects. We can see the clear influence in the field of music, art, literature, sports, etc. The contribution from the Spanish world to North American life is countless. Format: Print in Times New Roman #12, 1.5 space with a margin of 1″ at each border. Content: Part I. (MUST BE WRITTEN IN SPANISH) A– List the names of ALL Spanish Speaking Countries in the world. B– Naming of each country’s Capital City C– Adding two of the most Important Cities in each country D– Nationality (i.e. Mexicano, cubano, salvadoreño, etc.) E– Population (per country) F– Area in Km². G– Naming two of the major Exports (products) from each country to N.A. and the World. (i.e. coffee, bananas, oranges, flowers, meat, petroleum, electricity, etc.) Part II. (MUST BE DONE IN ESPAÑOL) – Choose TWO of the countries listed above and name three (3) famous people for each country and their contributions to their countries and to the world, in the field of: politics, history, sciences, medicine, arts, literature, sports, music. Then write two lines describing why they are considered as “un orgullo hispano” (a Hispanic pride) Part III. – Choose ONE country, then write a brief essay (en INGLES) consisting of…