I Need Help With These Questions 1 Art Supplies Has A Net Income Of 138 600 The Firm 1205824

I need help with these questions

1) Art Supplies has a net income of $138,600. The firm has $1.25million in assets and $500,000 in liabilities. What is the returnon equity?

2) A bond has a dollar value of an 01 of .0684. What is theyield value of a 32nd?

3) A Treasury bill has a face value of $75,000, an asked yieldof 3.05 percent, and matures in 35 days. What is the price of thisbill?

4) A 5.5 percent coupon bond has a face value of $1,000 and acurrent yield of 5.64 percent. What is the current marketprice?

5) Yesterday, the DJIA closed at 12,309.16. The divisor is0.123017848. Today, every one of the stocks in the index increasedin value by $0.40 a share. What is the value of today’s closingDJIA?

I need help with these questions, please.