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ICT704 Non-Relational Database Systems Task 3
World of Words (WoW) is a site which lists top charts of iTunes word games. They
have asked you to come up with a database using MongoDB to be able to store the
top word game apps to allow viewers to easily search for top word games.
Some game details
• Every game has a unique identifier
• Every game has at least 1 genre identified, but can have up to 4
• Some games support all platforms, while others don’t
• Every game has at least 1 language identified, but can have up to 8
• Developer details include ID, Name and URL
• Latest version details are stored, which include Version No, Release date, Notes,
and user ratings.
• Games also have an overall rating (which includes the latest version ratings)
• Ratings are out of 5. Comments are not stored.
Part A – Database
• Create a MongoDB database using the data provided to you in the
GameData_Task3.xls spreadsheet. (There should only be one collection).
• Insert data from the provided .xlsx file into MongoDB using the insert command.
NOTE: the gameId should be the identifier (_id)
• Create the following queries (all output should be easily read):
o List all the games in the collection (including all fields)
o List only the game titles for all games.
o List only the game titles that are free.
o List only the game title and developer name for every game
o List only the distinct names of every developer
o Count the number of games in the collection
o List only the game title and price for games that are less than $4
o List only the game title, release date for the games that were released before
o Return the average price each advisory rating (i.e. 4+ and 12+)
o Return the game titles that do not support the Apple Watch device
o Return the game title and the number of days/months since the latest update
o Return the game title and the file size in MB
• Update the following game:
o Word Warp – A Word Puzzle Game has a new update:
o Version: 3.3.5
o Version notes: Bug fixes and stability improvements
o Release date: 2019-08-16T10:08:56Z
o Avg user rating: 4
o User rating count: 14
o Add a new field called developerCountry to the developer PeopleFun, Inc.
and update to US
ICT704 Non-Relational Database Systems Task 3
Part B – Report
For the report you are required to explain the structure of the database you created.
You need to describe how the relationships were handled in the database. In your
report, discuss potential alternatives to how the relationships could have been modeled
and implemented in MongoDB and the benefits/issues of each. Provide
recommendations to World of Words for any additional future functionality for the
database. You should write approx. 750 words for the report