In An Rlc Circuit A Current Source Ig Exists In Parallel With A Switch That Opens At 3577645

In an RLC circuit, a current source, ig, exists in parallel with a switch (that opens at time zero), a 25 nFcapacitor, a 625 ? resistor, and a 25 mH inductor. If the current source is ig(t) = 24cos(40,000t) mA,the current through the inductor isiL(t) = iss(t) + it(t) = [15sin(40,000t) – 25e–32,000tsin(24,000t)]u(t) mAWrite a MATLAB script (XXX_hw1.m, where ‘XXX’ is your initials) that plots the steady-statecurrent, iss(t), the transient current, it(t), and the total current, iL(t), on the same axes for 0 ? t ? 0.3milliseconds. Add axis labels, a title, and a grid. Use a legend and different line types (e.g., dashed,dashdot, and solid) to differentiate the three signals. Include a header in your script.