In Doing This Cap Stone Project About Effective Hand Hygiene Im Stuck At The Plan Of 2841082

In doing this Cap Stone project about effective hand hygiene, im stuck at the Plan of Action: The plan of action is a narrative description of your plan to address the problem and describe the development of you project. Focus the paln of action and timeline on the actual development of the educational proposal. The plan of action should be include everything that will be need to completed to produce the evidence based education proposal with lots of detains and in chronological order. Include meeting with the preceptor, reviewing current gap, reviewing lit to support project, developing a leson plan and the course or simulation (Course name, lesson topic, learning objectives, teaching strategies, required material, student learning outcome and lesson plan details ). Developing and implementing plan ect.TIMELINE: TIMELINE SHOULD BE AN ESTIMATED TIMELINE AND REFLECT REAL TIME PROGRESS YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW SPECIFIC DATES, HOWERVER, PROVIDE AN ESTIMATION OF THE TIME INVOLVE WITH EACH STEP OF YOUR ACTION PLAN FOR WEEK 1….2….3 ACT. EVERYTHING IN YOUR PLAN OF ACTION IS IN THE TIME LINE AND EVERYTHING IN THE TIME LINE IS IN YOUR PLAN OF ACTION.