Investigate Project Management Jobs In This Assignment You Will Explore Job 2860391

Assignment 2.2 Investigate Project Management Jobs
In this assignment you will explore job descriptions and requirements, and write a short paper on what you find.
1.Imagine yourself in one of the following scenarios you areEntering the project management profession for the first time
?Already a professional, but you want to use your project management experience in another company or industry
2.Use the following company links to investigate jobs that require project management skills and knowledge.
?Monster Jobs
?Careers at NTT Data
?IBM Job Opportunities
?CSC Career Source
3.As you review the job descriptions, think about the type of endeavor that is being described (program, project, or subproject), and the mix of hard and soft skills that are being sought. Which job descriptions are clearest to you? Which of the ten areas of PMBOK® Guide seem to be most in demand?
4.Write a short paper (2 to 3 pages) that explores the above questions and any other conclusions that you find.
Tip: Remember that terminology tends to be inconsistent across companies and industries. Search on the full phrase “project manager” or “project management.” The resulting list of job titles may or may not contain those phrases. However, the job descriptions will be germane to project management.