Isit990 Project List Annual 2017 The Following Projects Are Open For Both Individual 2880926

ISIT990 Project List
Annual 2017
The following projects are open for both individuals and groups. More projects will be added when they become available. If you prefer to conduct group-based research project, you should form a group of 2-3 students yourselves. Please use the EOI form to express the interest by 07/04.
Project title Project description Required knowledge/skills Supervisor
1. Persuasive features
in mobile application: a case study on breast feeding application
Students would need to be either from Master of Health Informatics or students in Master of IT/ICT advanced, health informatics major or who has completed ISIT930 & ISIT929 Associate Professor Khin Win
2. Design perspectives on health and wellness application of behaviour change support systems
Students would need to be either from Master of Health Informatics or students in Master of IT/ICT advanced, health informatics major or who has completed ISIT930 & ISIT929 Associate Professor Khin Win
3. Medication management app focus group study
Medication management application is to inform consumers regarding medication information and to improve their healthcare management. The focus group will inform suitability of design feature, usability and consumer perspectives towards the medication management app.
Master of Health Informatics student, receive at least distinction in ISIT930 and ISIT929
Associate Professor Khin Win
4. Cancer data analysis Aim of this project is to analyse cancer data and applying different data mining techniques to understand, important factors in cancer, treatment, prognosis and survivability.
Several projects are available for this topic.
1. Identifying patterns and classifying different aspects involved in survivability
2. Study on comorbidity and treatment modalities
3. Missing data, their implications and best method to address them Good programming skill / completed INFO911 or taking INFO911
Associate Professor Khin Win
5. eHRM: the changing nature of recruitment and selection practices This project will investigate the role of electronic methods of recruitment and selection in Human Resource Management. The adoption of eRecruitment and eSelection technologies is not new, but the prevalence and reliance upon these systems has increased and impacts on the reach of the human resource functions of organisations.
Dr Holly Tootell
6. Technology adoption in Early Childhood Education: implications of practice
This project takes an international view of technology being used in early childhood education. There are many different approaches to early childhood education practice, and the adoption of technology into the space fits some approaches better than others. This research will seek to understand how technology fits across a number of early childhood education scenarios. Dr Holly Tootell
7. Game theory and game design
This project will investigate the overlap of HCI and Design theories related to game design and reward systems. It will investigate this at different targeted audience groups to compare and evaluate the suitability of approaches used in these audiences. Dr Holly Tootell
8. IS and Church administration
This project will investigate the use of customer relationship management tools in churches worldwide. The project will require an examination of available software tools tailored to the needs of CRM within a church community. By conducting research internationally, an overview of available tools and practicalities of adoption will be understood for different sized organisations.
Dr Holly Tootell
9. Understanding the rational and emotional judgment from the crowd’s online opinion Online opinion from crowd, such as opinion in the user review, consists of both the rational and emotional judgment. Research found that online users usually spend 21% of their online surfing time to read online opinion for facilitating their decisional activities, such as online shopping. However, due to amalgamation of rational and emotional judgment, it is very difficult for users to have a better understanding of the reasonable and actionable suggestion from the crowd’s opinion. To conquer this concern, this project will apply the text mining and natural language processing technique to identify the critical factors that influence users’ understanding of the crowd’s opinion and the perceived helpfulness. The outcome of this project will benefit the industrial consultant, online information portal and consumer-centred online service providers. 1. Familiar with Python
2. Basic database knowledge
3. Strong self-motivated learning
4. Have interests on semantic analysis Dr Mengxiang Li
10. Travel distance judgement: Is that restaurant really too far to go for a dinner? Travel distance judgment, a consumer’s perception and belief about the distance between two endpoints of a route, is a critical reflection of his/her choice of visiting a place. Mobile device users make travel distance judgment to determine the place to visit. Stores that gain favourable travel distance judgment could gain access to a large volume of customer base. Travel distance judgment is often made with the aid of technologies, such as the mobile location-based service (LBS). In this project, we intend to examine the critical factors that influence consumers’ travel distance judgment and then build a system to optimize the provision of travel distance information and visual geospatial information. The outcomes of this project will be used for enhancing the mobile app usage that has location-based service. 1. Mobile app development experience
2. Strong self-motivated learning
3. Have the passion to commercialize the research outputs. Dr Mengxiang Li
11. “Be with me”: The impact of in-context commenting on user engagement of using mobile social network application Mobile social networking application (MSNA) becomes an indispensible mobile device-based application for interpersonal communication. The prevalence of the MSNA boosts the examination on the MSNA users’ perception of intimacy and their engagement. In this project, we will examine the in-context commenting and its influence on MSNA users’ engagement. A good design of the in-context commenting delivery strategy will create significant positive value to the usage. The potential benefits of this project will be favoured by MSNA developers. 1. Mobile app development experience
2. Strong self-motivated learning Dr Mengxiang Li
12. Cloud computing and smart health: How to synthesize the cloud computing and personal health monitoring to enhance the quality of personal life? Cloud computing is a pervasive computing paradigm. Building upon the cloud computing, individual user may apply the mobile device/app to manage his/her personal health record and then enjoy the benefits of smart health service. In the scenario of daily workout, we are going to investigate the key determinants that influence the performance of cloud-based smart health service of individual users. The potential benefits of this project will bring value to cloud-based health service and the related cloud computing providers. 1. Mobile app development experience
2. Fundamental cloud-computing knowledge base.
3. Strong self-motivated learning Dr Mengxiang Li
13. The Role of Information Technology in Enabling Open Innovation There is an increasing trend towards leveraging on external knowledge for innovation, which is termed open innovation. While the growing popularity of open innovation, the strategies that organizations can apply to conduct open innovation have not been clearly examined. IT creates the necessity for the implementation of open innovation; however, prior literature provides a limited examination of the role of ITs in facilitating the open innovation process thus affecting effective open innovation performance. The aim of this project is to expand and advance the state of open innovation research within the IS field, highlighting work that makes significant theoretical and empirical advances to our understanding of IT-enabled open innovation. Dr Tingru Cui
14. The Electronic Monitoring on Organizational Conduct: Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance in Healthcare Healthcare-associated infections affect 10% of patients in acute-care hospitals and are significant and preventable causes of morbidity and mortality among hospitalized patients. Hand hygiene is among the simplest and most effective preventive measures to reduce these infections. However, compliance with hand hygiene among healthcare workers, specifically among physicians, is consistently suboptimal. This project hence aims to identify the barriers and enablers to physician hand hygiene compliance from the IT usage and organizational conduct perspective. Dr Tingru Cui
15. Using interactive maps in web and mobile applications The aim of the project is to provide a literature review and market search of the web and mobile applications that are using interactive maps. The students should do a comparative analysis of the different features and options, as well as the usability provided by the applications.
As a result, the students should propose design of the application that involves all the modules (parts) essential for applications with interactive maps. Dr. Elena Vlahu-Gjorgievska
16. Student’s guide The aim of the project is to provide a design for the application that will help students in their new environment. The students should do a literature review of the applications that are used as students’ guide. The focus should be at the applications that are using interactive maps. The students should create a questionnaire about the application features and conduct the survey.
As a result, the students should analyse the survey results and on the base of the users’ requirements propose design for the Student’s guide application. Dr. Elena Vlahu-Gjorgievska
17. User Experience (UX) systematic literature review
There has been a recent shift in the demands of users interacting with technologies, particularly in non-workplace contexts. This study is to conduct a comprehensive systematic literature review of how systems interface and experience research has evolved over the past decade. This analysis should illustrate the changes in the audience of the systems and the technologies used. Analytical and library database skills Dr. Mark Freeman
18. A comparative study of public opinions on user trust in B2C This study will investigate how public opinions with different attributes (type, channel, quality) will affect consumer trust formation in a B2C environment. The project will involve experimental design, data collection and analysis. Experimental design
Interview skills Associate Professor Jun Yan
19. A study of user behaviour on a mobile application (pending provisioning of data from an industry partner) This project is to study user behaviour based on the log data of a mobile application that sells second-hand commercial vehicles. Chinese language as the data is in Chinese Associate Professor Jun Yan
20. Systematic literature review on cloud adoption in different context analysis of literature, understanding cloud computing Associate Professor Jun Shen
21. Data analytics on data intensive applications (bioinformatics, transport, learning) statistics software, or basic Excel/Access skills Associate Professor Jun Shen
22. Student engagement in mobile learning Required skills: understanding mobile learning, familiar with learning activities, observation and follow up analysis
Associate Professor Jun Shen
23. Ehealth education system web or mobile apps development, understanding ehealth and elearning Associate Professor Jun Shen
24. Simulation modelling
(group project) Students must be prepared to learn a simulation software (Vensim) independently
Dr Sim Lau
25. Data analytics
(group project) Students must have background in database and/or data analytics and be prepared to learn a data analytics software independently
Dr Sim Lau
26. Ontology driven dementia education information portal Web is a key source of information and knowledge pathways in dementia care. But currently available search engines do not support the users in identifying precisely relevant, high quality information. Enabling effective retrieval of the best available information is one of the most cost effective pathways to advancing Australia’s dementia care training and standards.
The aim of this project is to develop an ontology-driven dementia care information service (CODCIS) for dementia care service providers.
No. of group members: three. Need to have programing skill and good analytical skill.
Associate Professor Ping Yu
27. A systematic review of the protocols and outcomes of mHealth-based telemonitoring for heart failure management Already taken. Associate Professor Ping Yu
28. The correlation between Open Data Policy and Performance: A Comparison of Australia, Japan and Indonesia Already taken. Dr Akemi Chatfield