Ist 634 Assignment 1 Mysql Administration Simple Queries From Your Mysql Administrat 4118261

IST 634 Assignment 1 – MySQL Administration & Simple Queries
Introduction – In this laboratory exercise you will gain initial experience with MySQL Server and the MySQL Workbench application.
Instructions – Create a Microsoft Word document. For each task, paste a screenshot (more than one if necessary) into a single Word document proving that you have carried out the task. Submit the document via Blackboard. Due date: 9/30/2019 8:00pm.
Download/install MySQL Server and Workbench if you have not already done so. Start the server, open MySQL Workbench and create a connection for the root account. Connect to the server using this connection. The COMPANY database of the Elmasri/Navathe text (see Figure 5.5, e.g.) will be used throughout this assignment (and possibly more assignments). Carry out each of the following tasks from SQL Workbench.
1. From your MySQL Administrator (root account), create the company database (it will be empty – you will create the components of the schema, tables, later).
2. Create a user book and grant all rights on company to the user book (book is not an administrator, so should have no other rights). This can be done using a SQL command of the following form:
ON my_database.*
TO ‘my_user’@’localhost’
IDENTIFIED BY ‘my_password’
The command can be all on one line, but having on multiple lines makes it easier to read. The ‘;’ terminates a single SQL command.
3. Create a MySQL Workbench connection for the book account. Use this connection to connect to the server. Choose the company database (if not part of your connection).
4. For each table in the company schema (see Figure 5.5), create a DDL statement to add the table to the database, then execute the statement. You may want to