It S Fine To Post Before Then Once You Ve Had A Chance To Review My Feedback From Wk 2783237

It’s fine to post before then, once you’ve had achance to review my feedback from Wks6-7Dsc, for you and/or yourclassmates, applicable lecture notes, and/or video lectures/otherlinked materials, in addition to your chosencase.  
You will post the assignment in this forum, as a discussionpost.  You may first reserve a case for your individualpresentation (the last of your three assignments), like you did forWks6-7Dsc, and then post your actual assignment when you havecompleted it, but may not choose a case already chosen byanother student.  You may not reserve a case fromthe list below unless/until you have completed the Wks6-7Dscposting. Be sure to check the information about theindividual presentation I will post as an attachment to this forum(including how to organize your post, and what to include in yourpost).  I might also be able to do a chat in Week 8 or Week 9about the individual presentation assignment, so please check theWeek 8 and Week 9 overview pages and Announcements for an updateabout that. Also, please do not finalize your post untilyou have reviewed all the available course information about yourtopic (in the online text, if applicable, in other readinglinks or YouTube video links posted, or in the lecture notes, forexample). In your initial Individual Presentation post, make surethat you indicate the case you have chosen from the listbelow.   Be sure you review any reply I postto your and/or otherstudents’ Wks6-7Dsc postings, including any Week 8 or Week 9Chat about the assignment.

I will try to post the notes for Weeks 8 andbeyond ASAP, which could be applicable to a student’spresentation, to assist you in preparing for your presentation. As mentioned aboveto maximize yourindividual presentation assignment pointsbesides thecase, itselfyou will want to review the lecturenotes, and watch any applicable portion of the YouTubelectures before finalizingyour presentation post (this should help you at leastwith the general law discussion), as well as review my reply postto your and/or otherstudents‘ Wks6-7Dsc posting, including any applicable Chat,and the additional information I have posted as anattachment to this forum about the individualpresentations.

Here are the cases from which to choose:

Lakewood Creative Costumers v.Sharp, 509 N.E.2d 77 (1986) (Enforceable liquidated damagesclause?) (Tian has chosen)

Northwest Motors v. James, 118 Wn.2d 294(1992)(accord and satisfaction issue, only) (Aliz haschosen)

Pisani Construction, Inc. v. Krueger, 791 A.2d634 (2002) (Whether substantial performance occurred, requiringowners’ payment for work performed) (Hang has chosen)

Walker v. Herke, 20 Wn.2d 239 (1944) (Was thereanticipatory repudiation, and what result in thiscase?) 

Vuylsteke v. Broan, 17 P.3d 1072 (2001)(mitigation of damages) (Holly has chosen)

Mike Building &Contracting v. Just Homes, LLC, 901 N.Y.S.2d 458(2010) (condition precedent aspect of the case, only—thisis covered in the first part of a long case) 

Kysar v. Lambert, 76 Wn.App. 460 (1995)(contract formation and nonconforming goods issues under the UCC inWA) (Patrick has chosen)

Harper and Associates v. Printers, 46Wn.App. 417 (1986) (types of damages and defenses available incontracts for the sale of goods under the UCC) 

Udall v. T.D. Escrow Servs., Inc., 159 Wn. 2d.903 (2007) (agent’s apparent authority only) 

Tacoma Fixture Company, Inc. v. Rudd Company,Inc., 142 Wn.App. 547 (2008) (whether additional termsbecome part of a contract between merchants;exceptions) 

Monty v. Peterson, 85 Wn.2d 956 (1975)(agent’s duties to principal) (Amanda has chosen)

Curley Electric, Inc. v. Bills, 130 Wn.App. 114(2005) (formation of partnership and effect on suits againstpartner) (Fabi has chosen as her makeup case forWks8-11Dsc) 

Kalmas v. Wagner, 133 Wn.2d 210 (1997)(tenant’s expectation of privacy and landlord rights under theLandlord-Tenant Act) (Michelle has chosen)

Dickens v. Alliance Analytical Labs,L.L.C., 127 Wn.App. 433 (2005) (concepts of LLCmember/manager personal liability and piercing the corporate veilin LLCs, only) 

Cagle v. Burns and Roe, Inc., 106 Wn.2d911 (1986) (damages for wrongful termination in violation ofpublic policy) (David has chosen)

Tenco, Inc. v. Manning, 59 Wn.2d 479 (1962)(Applicability of the equitable remedies of reformation andspecific performance) 

State v. Schwab, 103 Wn.2d 542 (1985)(relationship between the Landlord-Tenant Act and the ConsumerProtection Act) (Fabi has chosen) 

Corr v. Willamette Industries, 105 Wn.2d 217(1986) (dual purpose doctrine and exclusive remedy of workerscompensation law) 

Hop Producers v. Goschie Farms, 112 Wn.2d 694(1989) (Performance discharged under frustration of purposedoctrine?) (Feifan has chosen)

Interlake Porsche v. Bucholz, 45 Wn.App.502 (1986) (breach of corporate fiduciary duty and liability fordamages, only

Aubrey’s R.V. Center v. Tandy Corp., 46 Wn.App.595 (1987) (Was a rescission remedy proper?) 

International Airport Centers, L.L.C. v.Citrin, 440 F.3d 418 (7th Cir. 2006) (Computer Fraud andAbuse Act and agent’s duty of loyalty) (Han has chosen for makeupfor Wks8-11Dsc)

Kamla v. Space Needle Corp., 147 Wn.2d 114(2002)(liability of landowner to independent contractor’s employee)(Abdulhameed has chosen)

American Nursery Products, Inc. v. Indian WellsOrchards, 115 Wn.2d 217 (1990) (consequential damages andvalidity of consequential damages exclusion clauses incontracts) 

Westby v. Gorsuch, 112 Wn.App. 558 (2002)(damages in action for fraudulent or negligent misrepresentation)(Jeffrey has chosen)

Griffin v. West RS, Inc.,143 Wn.2d 81 (2001)(landlord’s duty of care to tenant) (Han has chosen)

Campbell Soup Company v. Wentz, 172 F.2d80 (3rd Cir. 1949) (unconscionability) (Jazzmine haschosen)

Hornback v. Wentworth, 132 Wn.App. 504(2006) (supervening illegality/impossibility of performance andremedies)

Bazak International Corp. v. Tarrant ApparelGroup,378 F.Supp.2d 377 (S.D.N.Y. 2005) (sufficiency of writingrequirement and signature under the Statute of Frauds in contractsfor the sale of goods) (Chrysta has chosen)