It Strategies For Product And Service Innovation In Business Enterprises Application 4140981


This is an individual assignment task. Students are required to complete an individual research report in the form of a discussion paper about a title chosen from the four listed below:

  1. IT strategies for product and service innovation in business enterprises.
  2. Application portfolio management drives benefits through IT governance.
  3. IT strategy and change management: You cannot plan one without the other.
  4. Classical strategic planning may not be adequate for a fast-changing IT environment.

Students are expected to provide a thoughtful and detailed report on the chosen title. It needs to be supported by recent academic literature.

The report should be 2500 – 3000 words (about 8 pages) long. Please use the template provided (see attachment below) to format your content. The formatting details are stated in the template.

Document Preview:

MACROBUTTON NoMacro Click here, type the title of your paper, Capitalize first letter MACROBUTTON NoMacro Author MACROBUTTON NoMacro Student ID MACROBUTTON NoMacro Module Group Number Abstract MACROBUTTON NoMacro Click here and insert your abstract text. MACROBUTTON NoMacro Main text Here introduce the paper. The paragraphs continue from here and are only separated by headings, subheadings, images and formulae. The section headings are arranged by numbers, bold and 10 pt. Here follows further instructions for authors. Structure Files must be in MS Word only and should be formatted for direct printing, using the CRC MS Word provided. Figures and tables should be embedded and not supplied separately. Please make sure that you use as much as possible normal fonts in your documents. Special fonts, such as fonts used in the Far East (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.) may cause problems during processing. To avoid unnecessary errors you are strongly advised to use the ‘spellchecker’ function of MS Word. Follow this order when typing manuscripts: Title, Authors, Abstract, Main text (including figures and tables), References. Bulleted lists may be included and should look like this: First point Second point And so on Please abide by the formatting and style layouts which have been set up in this template document. As indicated in the template, papers should be prepared in single column, one-and-a-half lines (1.5) spacing format suitable for direct printing onto paper with trim size 192 x 262 mm. Do not number pages on the front, as page numbers will be added separately for the preprints and the Proceedings. Leave a line clear between paragraphs. Tables All tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals. Every table should have a caption. Headings should be placed above tables, left justified. Only horizontal lines should be used within a table, to distinguish the column headings from the body of the table, and immediately above and below the table….