John Is In The Process Of Buying A New House He Looks On The Internet For Some Furni 2843475

John is in the process of buying a new house. He looks on the Internet for some furnishings he believes he will need for the house. He finds exactly what he is looking for on the website. The website even allows him to finance his purchase; all he has to do is to complete a short application and accept the terms of the financing by clicking on the “I Accept” button. John is so excited about finding what he is looking for that he quickly fills out the application and, without reading the financing terms, he clicks on the “I Accept” button. Two weeks later, John is in a store looking for other items for his home and he finds exactly the same thing that he had previously purchased but for less money and with much better financing terms. John e-mails and tells them he wants to cancel his purchase. Can John cancel his purchase with Explain.