Last Week In Module 3 An Introduction To Foucault S Studies Of Discourse As Cited In 3124580

Last week, in Module 3, an introduction to Foucault’s studies of discourse (as cited in Hook, 2001) [recommended reading] and Western’s (2013) [required reading] explanation of The Four Discourses of Leadership provided a foundation on which to deepen understanding of Controller Leadership, Therapist Leadership, Messiah Leadership, and Eco-Leadership Discourse.

Our discussion this week expands upon Western’s exploration of the Four Discourses and provides an opportunity to collaborate and expand our collective knowledge.

This assignment asks you to develop a slide presentation for an original post,


  1. For your original post, develop a slide presentation of six slides (using PowerPoint, Prezi, SlideShare, or a similar appropriate software) according to the discourse topic assigned in Table 1 below:you are to follow the instructions in the table that correspond to the first letter of your last name. slide presentation topic- Eco-Leadership Discourse
  2. The audience for the slide presentation is composed of student scholars exploring contemporary leadership.
  3. Proceed to the CSU-Global Library to gather scholarly articles on the assigned discourse. Then prepare the presentation to include:
    • Slide 1: Title page, introduction, and purpose statement
    • Slide 2: Definition of terms and examples of how the assigned discourse may be illuminated in modern organizations
    • Slides 3 and 4: Overview of two current (published within the last three years), relevant, scholarly research articles associated with the assigned discourse. The audience should be able to understand the study’s purpose, methods, and findings at a minimum
    • Slide 5: Conclusions on the relevance of the discourse in modern organizations (based on data and your analysis)
    • Slide 6: References.
    • Student last name begins with
      Last Name Begins With T-Z Original post slide presentation topic- Eco-Leadership Discourse