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Carla is a business woman and she is very busy contributing to several businesses
and companies.
Carla is a Kiwi (New Zealander) but she spends a lot of time in Australia doing
much of her work here. She probably spends more than eighty percent of the year
in Australia.
Carla runs her own law firm in Australia and acts in relation to various kinds of
matters. The law firm is run as a sole trader ongoing concern and the firm attracts
about $80,000 in income per year. It has expenses in the vicinity of $20,000 per
year. It has no employees. All of Carla’s clients are based in Australia, but Carla
does work from Auckland, New Zealand when she is there.
Carla is also a consultant with another Australian law firm (Law Firm X or LFX).
She is contracted to provide LFX with advice and to act on behalf of LFX’s clients
when and if required. Carla makes about another $80,000 per year in relation to her
work for LFX. She has expenses in relation to the LFX to amount of about $2000
per month. LFX compensates Carla in respect of all those expenses. LFX provides
Carla with a laptop and a phone. Carla uses the phone to make both private and
LFX related phone calls. The monthly phone call amounts are estimated by LFX
only and they vary from month to month. LFX contributes to Carla’s air travel
tickets from time to time too, and pays for about 50% of her travels yearly.
Carla is also a sole director and secretary of a PTY LTD company (“the
Company”). Carla’s Company is engaged in consulting work with various clients
in many geographic areas in relation to marketing, especially marketing in the
Asia-Pacific region with respect to various Information Technology software
products. This is by far Carla’s most profitable venture and brings her about $1900
per day inclusive of GST. The Company currently has about $200,000 in its bank
account in an Australian bank which money relates to the sale of 200 Shares in the
Company to other shareholders (the shares were initially estimated at $200 each
and Carla sold them at $1000 per share later in September of 2018). The Company