Levin Began The Year With A Capital Balance Of 75 000 2 Tom Began The Year With A Ca 3798735

Additional Information for 2009 follows:
I. Levin began the year with a capital balance of $75,000. 2. Tom began the year with a capital balance of S100,000 3. On March 1. Levin invested an additional 525,000 into the partnership. 4. On October 1. Tom invested an additional 520,000 into the partnership. 5. Throughout 2009. each partner withdrew $200 per week in anticipation of partnership net income. The partners agreed that these withdrawals are not to be included in the computation of average capital balances for purposes of income distributions.
Required: a Prepare a schedule that discloses the distribution of partnership net income for 2009. Show supporting computations in good form.