Most People Suffering From Food Insecurity Reside In A Urban Centers Of Developing C 3290837

Most people suffering from food insecurity reside in A. Urban centers of developing countries. B. South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. C. Latin American countries. D. All of the above The longer the time period, Household food consumption surveys are less accurate: A. True B. False. What is one of the reasons why economic development has failed to stabilize population growth in LDCs? A. Exploding population has negated any positive effect of economic development. Correct B. Population decline due to reduced birth rate is negated by the large numbers of immigrants. C. Additional resources allow families to support several children. D. Economic supply has increased quality of life but not population control. Person’s daily energy supply (DES) means A. Food consumption measured in kilocalories (kcals) per person per day. B. resting metabolism. C. caloric energy spent of work effort. D. the amount of caloric energy that an individual supply to resting metabolism.