My Company Is Hewlett Packard 1 What Does Your Company Produce 2 Analyze The Trends 2812757

My Company is Hewlett Packard.

1. What does your company produce?

2. Analyze the trends in sales, cost of goods sold, gross profit, and operating income for your manufacturing company.
Prepare a trend analysis for percentage changes from a base year for these key indicators of performance.
Comment on cost management issues based on your analysis of these trends?

3. Report on segments, divisions, or any other reporting entities and on any diversity in products.
(NOTE: Take care with the concept of $ dollars. Many financial statements are expressed in millions of $. You would report $895 million for the value $895,000,000. Be a very careful reader.)
REMINDER: Always include the name of your SEC 10-K company in the subject line and the link to your SEC 10-K financial statement when posting to the weekly Discussion for the project.